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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. smoke. >> we cannot bring it back here. go! >> terror aboard a flight in the bay area when the cabin suddenly fills with smoke. >> the flight landed about an hour ago. andria borba is at the airport with the latest. >> reporter: this is delta connection flight 4454 from los angeles international here to oakland international airport scheduled to land 9:17 this evening. look at video shot by a passenger from his cell phone as this plane landed as the flight attendants began to freak out. >> leave all your belongings and get off this aircraft. go! we cannot breathe back here. go! >> at first we didn't have any idea what was going on except for that smell of smoke and
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felt like we were in a bar and, you know, people were smoking and you could see the haziness and red lights. it was really weird. >> reporter: that was shot by passenger linton johnson who said he was in the front of the plane. the landing wasn't particularly hard. the smell sounded like rubber had heated up and it gets that acrid smell. this flight landed about 9:17. it took a few hours to get that passenger's belongings. they were rushed off the airplane. the flight attendants didn't seem to know what was going on and they did a very good job getting him off the plane, but this incident is still under investigation. just last week a flight from san francisco to hong kong ran into so much turbulence over japan the passengers told us they thought they were going to die. they were tossed around the
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cabin a few minutes, a few people hurt when they hit their heads on the overhead bins. more breaking news, highway 1 in big sur is shut down both directions because of a rockslide. highway 1 in the north bay is also having problems. check out this huge tree that fell near marshall in marin county. it ispouring all night. let's get right to paul who is tracking this storm. >> rain, wind and thunderstorms, about a dozen lightning strikes in the bay area. that averages about two times a year we see thunderstorms in the bay area, tonight one of those nights. radar calming down but still a few hotspots, one the south bay east of you in san jose and milpitas and sunnyvale getting showers and one heavier cell leaving venetia heading toward concord, next up antioch and pittsburg.
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windy night, gusts 45 miles per hour for both salicylate owe and half moon bay. nap -- solcelito and half moon bay. we will see wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. rain tapering off to showers overnight tonight. it will be windy but calmer thursday and all this is round one. there's another storm that gets here rather soon. we'll talk about that in the full forecast in 10 minutes. the weather making traveling rough in the bay area today. see how it looked in berkeley as drivers carefully navigated wet roadways. police remind drivers to keep a good distance between your car and the guy in front of you. today's rain had cars spinning out on wed roads in pleasanton and other place -- wet roads in pleasanton and other places in nearby alameda
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creek. it will help the drought for sure, but we still have a long way to go. >> i remember them saying we have to have rain march, april, all that like extending rains. >> we didn't find anybody complaining about the rain. everyone understands that it's what the bay area needs right now. it was a rough day at sfo. more than 100 flights were canceled because of this storm. the airport limited the number of flights that could take off and land at the same time. a man in richmond picked the wrong place to rob. christin ayers shows us the clerk wrestled the crook's gun away and then it got even better. >> put a gun in my face and then i knew it was on. >> reporter: the clerk did not want to be named, so we agreed to hide his identity in. return he told us about this, the heart stopping surveillance video of him wrestling a gun from a would be robber's hand early this morning in richmond. >> it's just adrenaline. >> reporter: he said at first he thought nothing of the man
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in dark clothing who walked into this a.m./ p.m. on san pablo avenue around 1:30 this morning, but watch as the man pulls a gun. the clerk tries to talk him down and then -- >> i notice the gun wasn't going at my head no more. it was going across my shoulder. i grabbed his wrist and took it down and took the gun from his hand. >> reporter: the crook yelled to a friend he's known for 25 years who was working outside at the gas station. he came running in. watch what happened next. >> i grabbed it from the back, picked him up and a little wrestling move i know, took him over, bam. >> reporter: a tackle worthy of the nfl, the clerk's friend held the suspect down until police got there and arrested him for attempted robbery. the clerk won't call himself a hero, but that tackle, that's a different story. >> heroic on my partner's part because he came around the corner and slammed him. >> reporter: in richmond christin ayers, kpix5. >> the suspect is michael corbin booked on attempted robbery and weapons charges.
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we have new information on why b.a.r.t.'s evening commute was such a mess tonight. police believe the two men suspected of selling stolen property ran into the 24th street station tunnel in san francisco. all trains in the mission were stopped for almost an hour. the suspects got away. a car slammed into a house in campbell today. it has nothing to do with the weather, though. police tell betty yu the driver did it on purpose. >> reporter: that's right. he was quite a mess. police say he was high on drugs and tried to kill his passengers and possibly harm himself. given the damage you see here, police say the remarkable no one was badly hurt. campbell police say this was no accident. a metal post, hedges and wooden fence couldn't stop a drug crazed man from slamming into this house. he took out a wall. here's the guy police say was driving, 27-year-old anthony mcsherry, jr. his girl friend
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and two young kids were inside this smashed up acura. >> through witness statements and the investigation it was determined that the driver of the vehicle had intentionally struck this house. >> reporter: mcsherry is facing attempted homicide and felony dui charges. everyone in the car suffered only minor injuries. two people were inside the house at the time. they weren't injured. police believe mcsherry was going well over 50 miles an hour when he rammed into the house. it was a neighbor who finally stopped him. >> the driver started running from the scene and the passer- by restrained him until officers arrived. >> reporter: this evening contractors shored up the house that neighbors say has taken several hits over the year, drivers coming down the major road missing the turn. that's why the homeowner put up these barriers. >> they definitely prevented a lot more damage had they not been here. probably we would have had it everywhere across the dining
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room. >> that's very tragic. i can't imagine. >> reporter: the homeowner is very distraught, said he did not want to speak to media tonight. everyone in the acura has been released since from the hospital and the driver has been booked into the santa clara county jail. live in campbell i'm betty yu, kpix5. check out this exclusive video we have, dramatic rescue in san francisco. a woman is walking along an off limits area near the cliff house. somehow she lost footing, tumbled nearly 20 feet down onto the rocks. someone heard her screaming for help. they called 911 and rescuers, san francisco firefighters, showed up to take her out. assault tonight 31 current and former cal students are suing the university over the way it's handled sexual assault investigations through the years. a student who claims she was assaulted twice says the university did very little to help her. >> i thought what should have been done is we take rape very
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seriously, but what i heard instead is you made a false allegation and it made me feel like she didn't believe me whatsoever. >> the uc chancellor says sexual assault has no place on a college campus and he's fully committed to making sure cal strengthens and expands its protocols. major league baseball called it discrimination, the nfl threatened to move the super bowl and tonight an arizona bill pitting religious rights against gay rights is dead. it would have allowed business owners the right to refuse customers on the basis of religion. the governor jan brewer said in the end there was no legitimate need for it. have encouraged discriminati >> i've not heard one example in arizona where business owners' religious liberty has been violated. >> opponents say the law would have encouraged discrimination against gays and lesbians. last night we reported about the lawsuit filed by a whistleblower against san francisco's recology. we incorrectly reported on the weight of the bottles and cans
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shipped for reprocessing in 2007 from recology's tunnel road facility. recology shipped roughly 5 million of the 6.3 million pounds they recorded taken in instead of the 1.4 million pounds we reported they shipped and we regret that error. we learned late tonight that jim lang has died. he's well known around the bay area, a broadcast legend on tv and radio. he also hosted a number of game shows in the 1960s and '70s including the dating game. jim lang had a heart attack and died at his home in mill valley. he was 81 years old. asily it could happen to you. a beauty queen hacked, someone posted naked pictures of miss teen usa and the really scary part is how easily it could happen to you. >> we've learned there's a potentially deadly disease hiding in california dust and tonight rain is making it spread even faster. >> we uncovered a strange twist in the story of a california couple who struck gold, the
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connection to a giant hoax.
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packed quite a punch, as yon see from our hi- def dopple rain, wind, we saw it all, this storm packed quite a punch as you can see from our hi-def doppler. we even had a dozen lightning strikes. the rain is great news for our drought, but sharon chin discovered there's a new concern that these rains may jump start an epidemic. >> reporter: when president obama recently swept into california's drought stricken central valley, it was all that dry dust kicked up by marine one that grabbed this
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professor's attention. lower studies microbes in the soil and is finding hotspots packed with tiny spores. >> it's scary. >> reporter: these spores contain an extremely dangerous fungus. when airborne and inhaled, they can lodge in the lungs and cause valley fever, a potentially fatal disease and while this fungus is native to the san joaquin valley, california's drought is stoking its growth. >> there's no doubt growth favors the growth of the fungus. this is like a quick screening method. >> reporter: low are and her students are mapping where cocci thrives. valley fever spores can survive in dirt without water for decades, but with rain like we're seeing tonight the spores actually gain in power. >> then you have a long drought and a short rainy season, you always get the ones that are more adaptive to those environments to succeed. >> reporter: if you think it's just a central valley problem,
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think again. in december, 1977 california was in the middle of a major drought. strong winds near bakersfield scoured the top soil creating a huge dust storm. it shut down highways, toppled utility towers, damaged property and killed livestock. the plume rose 5,000 feet and spread hundreds of miles as far as sacramento like a tidal wave. >> that top soil was shipped up here and just dumped everywhere. >> reporter: in that top soil, valley fever spores. dr. lynn was on duty at a sacramento hospital. >> we experienced several hundred cases from that dust storm here in sacramento. >> reporter: it killed six and spores can now be found in chico and redding. as for lower she knows. >> something in the air. >> reporter: and all it takes is a gust of wind. >> two cases of valley fever were reported in the bay area in the 1970s.
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it even killed one of the great apes at the san francisco zoo. the symptoms are common like the cold or flu and possibly a rash. we are learning the company that was the first to see that stash of gold coins discovered in gold country is the same one involved in a past discovery that turned into a giant embarrassment for them. this time tiburon gold and coin dealer done keegan said his clients found mint condition coins worth about $10 million on their property back in 2011. keegan said he was duped, a different story, but when a man claimed to find a huge gold nugget on his property, turned out to be a complete hoax, but the new coins appear authentic. miss tune usa is in town, but -- teen usa is in town, but the 19-year-old from temecula is not talking about world
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peace. her mission is about tightening up computer security. >> they were photos of me changing, putting on outfits before school, coming in and out of the shower. >> reporter: cassady wolf was still miss teen california when a former high school classmate hijacked her webcam. from a remote computer he took photos of her in her room, e- mailed them to her and demanded money. >> it took me a second to realize those photos were of my bedroom of me. i looked at them thinking oh, that's the color of my bedroom wall and oh, wait, that's my tv and wait, that's me. >> reporter: we caught up with cassady at the rsa in san francisco, the largest computer security conference in the world. he? is promoting new soft -- she is promoting new software called snoop wall. it shoulds off your computer and sends you an alert. >> in cassady's case the
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extortionist was able to operate her computer because she had clicked on a malware link. >> the game angry birds can be used to spy on you. it doesn't have to be malware. >> reporter: who would spy on you using angry birds? >> these guys. >> reporter: that's right. the national security agency. the federal government has been spying on people using angry birds and other popular games according to materials leaked by edward snowden. to protect yourself the software is only the beginning. the experts advise you to do what miss teen usa is now doing. get a sticker or card to physically cover up your webcam when you're no longer using it. joe vazquez, kpix5. you want to get rid of your junk mail? here's how. the u.s. postal service delivers more than 262 million pieces of direct mail or junk mail daily and according to the epa half of all advertising mail is tossed in the trash. you can easily o. out using
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sites like dma, >> marketers and fundraisers don't want to send a marketing or fundraising offer to a consumer that doesn't want to receive that. >> they tell us there's another option, a free app called paper karma. you simply take a puckett of the mail with your name -- picture of the mail with your name and address and the app contacts the company to unsubscribe you. we've got a good amount of rain today. we need more, but the good news, it's coming. >> more coming as soon as this one ends. it's going to be rainy and windy again, pretty rough evening for travel but glorious news in the rain bucket. we need of drop. here's a live look at the radar, kpix5 hi-def done learn. things are calmer, but -- doppler. things are calmer, but then we'll get rainfall and then a few more drier. we're seeing a lull now. some heavier showers just left napa, american canyon and
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fairfield and concord lifting north and east through the delta and showers still lingering around redwood city, palo alto, cupertino and sunnyvale and a few showers over san jose. how much rain today? santa rosa more than 1 1/2 inches, los gatos, 1.25, ocean beach, san francisco more than an inch just today, berkeley nearly an inch, more than 1/2- inch in dublin, 1/4-inch in pittsburg. we had thunderstorms tonight and about a dozen lightning strikes. we average in the bay area only two stormy days in a calendar year. compare that with houston, 65 in a year and orlando, the thunderstorm capital, gets 87 stormy days a year. we get two. we just had one this evening. snow will be falling at lake level tonight and tomorrow, at lake tahoe 3 to 7 inches, 7 to 18 inches of new snowfall at 7,000 feet. we started off this week close to 80 degrees. storm no. 1 winding down moving into the
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central centrally away from us. there will be showers tomorrow, but nothing significant. storm no. 2 is the bigger one, a huge concern for los angeles, orange county, as far north as santa barbara. they get a direct hit and we get a ambulancing blow. we get a break once -- a glancing blow. we get a break tonight, but storm no. 2, more rain and wind beginning around this time tomorrow night and will last through the day on friday. we're about halfway through. we're at halftime and more rain coming friday. for the east bay in total 1 or 2 inches of rainfall, south bay 1 or 2 inches, more in the north bay and peninsula 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches of rainfall, another dent in the drought. on and off showers tomorrow, steady rain returning this time tomorrow night, friday also looking wet and windy. extended forecast, showery tomorrow, soggy, stormy on friday, maybe a chance of a thunderstorm again. saturday morning we've got a few showers and dry out much of the weekend, saturday
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afternoon, sunday dry, monday and tuesday next week dry, halfway down, storm no. 1 leaving, storm no. 2 coming in. you ever notice how sometimes the weather will bring out little critters? i know you don't like spiders. >> not the biggest fan. >> we wouldn't want this to happen to you, then. >> check this out. >> oh, my gosh. you guys see that? there was a spider that fell. >> oh. >> i hate spiders, man, especially when you're bald. you feel them crawling on your head. i apologize, sorry. creeped out right now. >> you would be way more smooth. >> and i'm not bald, so i wouldn't even feel it. >> poor guy. out of bakersfield spotted a spider on the floor during a live show and kind of freaked out. >> he can't take his eyes off it. look at him, spider, spider. >> it would take a spider with a drill to get through that. >> especially all the hairspray at the news desk. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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south, so go the warriors w were in search of their 5th straight win tonight, in o... when steph curry's shots go south, so go the warriors. just five points on two of 10 shooting in the house that jordan built for curry, the bulls outrebounded the warriors 56-41. the shot spaced but knocked in on the second attempt. -- is missed but knocked in on the second attempt. there's a fast pace dunk for jimmy butler. chicago seals the deal in the 3rd thanks to a 14-2 run and
11:29 pm
sloppy play. 16 turnovers. joakim noah, carlos boozer, bulls win 103-83. cardinal had a chance to take over third place in the pac-12, but arizona state jahii carson carved them up. the devils win 76-64, a closer score than the game really was. by the way, cal lost to arizona. it is fairly well documented that 49ers coach jim harbaugh is not on the same page with general manager trent baalke. tonight on kcbs radio john madden said coach and the gm have to find common ground or else. >> eventually they have to come to a decision together and it can't be a power play. it can't be where, you know, one wants one player and one wants the other. if they disconnect in the front
11:30 pm
office, let me tell you this. it's a lot easier to get a suit than it is to get a coat. >> spoken like a true former coach. -- a suit than it is to get a coach. >> spoken like a true former coach. here's the top five. >> i don't like his antics. i think he's an arrogant little [ bleep ], embarrassed himself, embarrassed his teammates. he's embarrassed his coach. >> okay. >> sees a shoe-in. >> the next time a blizzard is in california, don't call this man to shovel. no. 3, this guy won't have any offers to compete in the summer's x games left over from the olympic down there. no. 2, michigan left with two seconds in overtime. glenn robinson scores. no. 1, josh reddick robs michael morse of a how run and looky
11:31 pm
there, all the way up the wall and you know what? he did it again in the 4th inning. reddick outstanding today. people are already calling that catch of the year, first game of spring training and the a's easy over the giants today. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. right now, breakfast is on. oscar mayer bacon is only $3.99. rise and shine with simply orange oj, just $2.98. and oikos greek yogurt is only a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. if you just heard a rumble of thunder in livermore, there was one lightning strike just to your east, scattered showers tonight and tomorrow, round 2 friday. rning at 4-30.
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>> david letterman is next. >> see you tomorrow. ( band "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. >> and now the fourth cartwright brother, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs
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